*Chairs - A Grade

New or "used little and in excellent condition"


*Chairs - B Grade

Not A grade, but they all have shoes on feet.


*Chairs - C Grade

For Parks, Yards, and Pavement


Childrens Chairs

Small Plastic Chairs


8' Table

Common "long table"; 8' rectangular


6' Table

6' rectangular


5' Round Table

60 inches round


4' Child/Stage Table

4' and height adjutable


12' Square Canopy

12' by 12'


Q: Why do we Grade chairs?
A: So we can provide the expected items at a good price.

Grade A

in excellent condition and with shoes on all feet. You may prefer grade A chairs to use indoors or on tiled patios.

Grade B

can also be used indoors and all have shoes on feet; but these chairs are in less than excellent condition.

Grade C

economical; these chairs are suggested for Parks, Yards, and Pavement where scratching the ground surfaces are no concern.